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Je kan onze trainingen op maat boeken voor op jouw eigen locatie, of voor in je klas, organisatie of retreat. We vertellen je graag over de mogelijkheden.

voor kinderen

De Superkrachten Training organiseren in jouw woonplaats of op jouw school. 

voor volwassenen

  • Intuïtie training

Onze intuïtie training voor volwassenen op maat of op locatie. Bijvoorbeeld voor een team building dag, of als onderdeel tijdens een retreat. 

  • Teacher training

Onze teacher training voor jouw hele team, bijvoorbeeld op een school. 

  • Workshops

Onderdelen van onze intuïtie training als workshop. Tijdens een workshop gaan we dieper in op bepaalde thema’s uit de training. 

wil je met ons sparren over de mogelijkheden?

Vul hier je gegevens in en wij mailen je voor een belafspraak! 



Saga Inter Project
Saga Inter Project Team retreat
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"Anneke en Alissa hebben ons als team meegenomen naar de verbinding met onszelf en ons hart. Daarmee werd ook ons hart naar elkaar geopend en werd de verbinding als team versterkt vanuit kwetsbaarheid en kracht. Met hun aandacht, zachtheid en humor kwamen we in een vertraging die nog wel langer had mogen duren. We kijken met plezier en liefde terug naar dit mooie retreat waarmee we als professionals mooie tools hebben opgedaan voor onszelf en het werken met onze kinderen en jongeren."
Laura Allins
Laura Allinsparticipant intuition retreat, from Milan
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“Approach the retreat with an open mind, without pre judgement, and without asking too many questions. And you will eventually become much more aware of the power of your own life, your mind, and how to use it to your advantage in life. And then enjoy the condition of the retreat by these two wonderful women who have found a perfect understanding and who radiate light and serenity. The icing on the cake was the retreat location 7 Lemons House in Fuerteventura. A magical place and absolutely in line with the topic of the retreat.”
Martin Herzberg
Martin HerzbergParticipant intuition retreat, from Berlin
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“I really liked your loving presence. And your approach. It was very focused. Because you always set the focus on intention. I enjoyed the visualisations, to really imagine things that I would like to happen. And I found it very helpful to formulate intentions. You are doing a great job and I hope you will inspire a lot of people with these techniques. When I came back home, I felt so much more relaxed. And I feel so much more love for myself and my surroundings. Your training had a big part in bringing about this new mood that I’m in. It’s really, really great.”
Laura Fani
Laura Fani7 Lemons House Health retreats, Fuerteventura
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"Thank you girls for the wonderful starting and for having the confirmation that we are on the same flow."
Tom van de Ban
Tom van de Banparticipant intuition retreat in Fuerteventura
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“I’m very happy I participated in the four-day workshop! It helped me get important answers. I learned practical tools which I will also use in my daily life now! The tools can help me with living my purpose, listening to my spiritual entourage and with saving a lot of time and energy. I like that they can also help me with answering daily questions in my life, like where to do groceries or which action will give me the most joy. You are an amazing team and give enough personal attention to every single person in the group. I liked the combination of knowledge, practice and interaction. The practices were fun & mindblowing and the vibe in the group was very good. I also liked the structure of the training and the different subjects in it. We did a wide variety of powerful energy work to heal, know & (co-)create in a fun way. It’s amazing how much power we have inside us to get answers. Thank you so much!”
Anna Cavagnoli
Anna Cavagnoliparticipant intuition retreat in Fuerteventura
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“The course is perfectly structured. The trainer Alissa is engaging and her smile instills calm and tranquility. We have been supported and pampered, thanks also to Sara who translated everything for us. I recommend this course to explore one’s inner self.”
Carlo Lesma
Carlo Lesmaparticipant intuition retreat in Fuerteventura
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"A very useful course to listen to yourself and to enter the unconscious part, where you always find interesting answers.”
Filipaparticipant intuition retreat in Fuerteventura
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“The intuition course has been a magical journey into my inner self. It has allowed me to connect with the freedom of my emotions. Allowing me to visualise situations and heal my subconscious a lot. Thank you for all the tools you have provided us with so much clarity. I feel more confident in myself. And in making decisions and solving problems that may arise in my day to day life. Thank you for the wonderful course you give and for giving me back the confidence in the answers that come from within. Also for the magic of seeing with the mask on.”
Braisparticipant intuition retreat in Fuerteventura
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“A very useful course for me. Not only to do more effective meditations, exercises to find solutions to problems, and to improve my decision making, but also to learn to be more aware of all the synchronicities that happen every day. Thank you for this learning.”
Francesca d'Alessandro
Francesca d'Alessandroparticipant intuition retreat in Fuerteventura
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“The course was very useful and enjoyable. A course to get in touch with the most magical part of each of us, to overcome scepticism and mental limitations. To discover the infinite possibilities that life offers us and the infinite potential of the human being when reconnecting to the source. It helped me regain a space to nurture myself, and to let me explore more deeply qualities and gifts that I knew I had but did not dare bring into the light of day. Thanks to your timely and clear guidance, and your hospitality and ability to take care of us all.”